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Neopure has developed exclusive electro-oxidation processes based on proprietary high current anodes that use high voltage electrolysis to sterilize, process, or treat high volumes of water with minimal environmental impact and without the use of hazardous chemicals. Neopure solutions produce a powerful mix of oxidants that reduce bacteria and total suspended solids by over 99%, reduce metals by over 30%, and can serve as a stand-alone solution, or as a complement to existing processes.

The PathoCell™ technology has been successfully deployed in the oil and gas industry, and has been field proven for over two and a half years with successful customer operations.

This technology purifies water using onsite generators and no additional chemicals. It provides a powerful mix of oxidants that reduce bacteria and total suspended solids by over 99% and reduces metals by over 30%.

Neopure EO is a single solution approach to wastewater treatment, or can be used with traditional methods, improving their efficiency. Our products include a number of different anodes, generators and sterilizers designed, manufactured and serviced by Neopure.

Neopure’s solutions include:

Pathocell™ anodes that produce oxidants, such as hydroxyl radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, hypochlorus acid, sodium hypochlorite and caustic soda for the electrochemical industry.
Brinecell™ anodes for use in reverse polarity conditions where auto cleaning is necessary.
Electro-oxidation generators that utilize on-site wastewater or fresh water to oxidize organics and inorganics.
Chlorozone generators that produce chlorine and ozone simultaneously that when added to fresh water or wastewater can destroy heavy metals, fats, and organics.
Hypochlorus acid generators that provide onsite oxidant to demand.
Chlorine generators to sanitize effluent or fresh water.
Bleach generators to produce onsite bleach.
Sodium hypochlorite generators to disinfect and purify fresh and waste water.
Neopure’s Pathopure™ sterilizer that produces powerful mixed oxidants in a container for onsite sterilization.

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Neopure’s oxidizing agents are produced electrochemically in a non-toxic form. The agents revert to salt water without the use of any harsh chemicals, eliminating the need to transport or dispose of the oxidizing agents.