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Reasons To Use A Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Few would deny that chlorine is a life-saving chemical. Of course, like all good things, chlorine also has its drawbacks. Continually purchasing chlorine can be expensive, and transporting and storing the chemical involves a variety of safety concerns. For these reasons, many water and wastewater treatment facilities opt for on-site sodium hypochlorite generation.

On-site hypochlorite generation is not only safer, it is also a more environmentally sustainable option. Producing hypochlorite on site is also a more cost effective solution, as four truckloads of liquid chlorine are required as opposed to just a single truckload of salt, which is the principle component in hypochlorite generation. Another important advantage of on-site hypochlorite generation is that a facility can choose to generate only the amount required to meet its needs.

Sodium hypochlorite generation is principally used in the production of drinking water. The world standard calls for water to be chlorinated before it is passed through a public delivery system. Chlorine has a residual effect that allows it to kill potentially hazardous organisms that might enter into the distribution system as water is being delivered to the community. Thus chlorination greatly increases water safety throughout the world.

Sodium hypochlorite generation is also used in wastewater applications, where it is simpler and more affordable than using gas and can be produced on site in only the required amounts. The process is also used in the dairy industry. Dairy producers have found that a sodium hypochlorite sanitizing solution is effective to maintain adequate hygiene in dairy farm animals.

Sodium hypochlorite is also used in agricultural applications. When produce is harvested, for example, it is immediately sprayed with a chlorine-based disinfectant to kill mold or insect. Being able to effectively produce sodium hypochlorite in the desired quantities on site is both convenient and cost effective for companies operating within a variety of industries.

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