Get started with a low-cost onsite sterilization service by our team. See first hand how easy the system is to use and decide if you'd like to continue as a service or buy/lease a Neopure system of your own.

Daily Sterilization Services

Maintain a sterile environment for your visitors through one of our sustained sterilization service programs. We partner with qualified cleaning service professionals to provide our system without a capital expenditure.

System Leasing & Purchase

Contact us today for pricing on a Neopure unit for your facility and produce a disinfectant solution onsite that kills 99.9% of COVID-19 and other pathogens. Our solution is less hazardous to handle than commercial agents, but just as effective. It becomes inert after 3 hours (plenty of time to oxidize pathogens) and leaves behind nothing but a faint chlorine smell.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We'll show you onsite how to ensure your Neopure solution is producing the necessary levels of oxidant, so you can rest easy knowing that your sterilant solution is working. Warranties are available on all Neopure systems. Contact us for more information on warranty and testing.

Talk to one of our sanitation experts today and maintain a safer environment for your personnel and customers - cost-effectively and sustainably.