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Pathocell™ Anode

Produce powerful mixed oxidants and withstand high current for long periods of time.

Brinecell™ Anode

Use in reverse polarity situations where auto cleaning is needed.

Electro-Oxidation Generator

Utilize on-site wastewater or fresh water to oxidize organics and inorganics.

Chlorozone Generator

Only Neopure technology produces chlorine and ozone simultaneously.

Hypochlorus Acid Generator

Onsite mobile, or skid mounted generator with adjustable pH.

Chlorine Generator

Make pure chlorine from salt and water to sanitize effluent or fresh water.

Bleach Generator

Green technology to produce onsite bleach.

Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

Disinfect and purify fresh and wastewater.

Pathopure™ Sterilizer

Produce powerful mixed oxidants in a container to sterilize items onsite.