Neopure Technologies is revolutionizing water renewal & sterilization using electro-oxidation. Our process is proven and our technology is proprietary.

Leading Water Treatment Innovation for 35 Years

Neopure is the leading electro oxidation company in the world with 35 years experience in bringing water treatment technology to both the industrial and consumer markets..

A Simpler, Cleaner Solution

Neopure has developed an exclusive electro-oxidation process based on proprietary high current anodes. Neopure's technology delivers cost-effective, efficient, customized solutions for sterilization and water renewal, without the use of toxic chemicals. It is being used as an ethical and environmentally sound cleaning and sterilization method that reduces water demand and overall water usage.

Neopure's unique oxidizing agents are produced electrochemically in a non-toxic form. No harsh chemicals are utilized or produced, eliminating the need to transport or dispose of the oxidizing agents. Neopure customers and partners are realizing high yields and significant cost savings.