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C. Dean Themy, Founder, Chairman, President and CEO, Member of the Board of Managers. Mr. Themy has over thirty years of experience in the electrolytic industry. Prior to founding Neopure Technologies LLC, Mr. Themy was the founder and President of Neohydro Corp. in Houston, Texas. Neohydro is engaged in providing electro-oxidation water treatment in the oil and gas industry. Prior to Neohydro, Mr. Themy was Vice President of Chloro Guard Electronics Corp., a provider of water treatment equipment for industry, household, and medical purposes, and also the Vice President of Pathocell Corp., the developer of the patent-pending Pathocell™ electrode technology. Mr. Themy also served as a Director of New Environmental Solutions, Inc., focusing on environmental issues and waste disposal and as a Consultant for Oxidant3 Corp.
 Nicholas Kambouris, Vice President—Product Development. Neopure has engaged Nicholas Kambouris to manufacture and assemble the proprietary electrode cells used in the proprietary PathoCell technology licensed to Neopure. Mr. Kambouris has been making the electrode units for the past two years for Neohydro and is further developing and improving the proprietary technology.
 Jeffrey R. Harder, Esq., Member of the Board of Managers. Mr. Harder joined the Board of Directors in 2015. He is a partner at Jackson Walker L.L.P., a Texas-based law firm. Mr. Harder has over 30 years of experience in representing technology companies, both public and private, as well as investors, venture capitalists, technology transfer departments and entrepreneurs engaged in commercializing inventions. He obtained his BA degree from Valparaiso University and his JD from the University of Illinois.
 Tom Geoca, Member of the Board of Managers. Mr. Geoca joined the Board of Directors of Neopure in 2015. He is the President of South Coast Hydraulics, a Houston-based company specializing in hydraulic service, repair and manufacturing. Mr. Geoca also serves as Chairman of the Houston Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Mr. Geoca worked alongside Mr. Themy at Neohydro and assisted in manufacturing the operational prototype of the Rover for oilfield operations.
Maryanne Maldonado, B.B.M., M.B.A., Member of the Board of Managers. Maryanne Maldonado is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Houston Technology Center (HTC), a Houston based technology business accelerator and the largest technology business incubator in Texas. In this capacity, Mrs. Maldonado oversees the client services, marketing, offsite campus’, and general event operations of the organization and leads the team to provide strategic, tactical, and operational guidance, as well as investment-related advice, to early stage companies developing innovative technologies with applications in the energy, information technology, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology and Aerospace. Prior to joining HTC, Mrs. Maldonado was Head of Trade and Investment and Head of the International Energy Team for UK Trade and Investment with the British Consulate General. Here she led the strategic direction for Energy Initiatives for the United Kingdom for the western hemisphere. Previous to working with the UK Trade and Investment, Mrs. Maldonado served as Energy Trade Commissioner for the Canadian Consulate-Houston, providing trade development assistance to energy companies from all across Canada. Prior to this, she held positions in operations, regulatory, drilling, production, and HSE with several independent oil and gas companies. Mrs. Maldonado has also served as an adjunct faculty member of the Houston Community College, teaching on entrepreneurship, human capital management, and international business. A native of North Carolina, Maldonado holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree from LeTourneau University in Longview. Texas. She is married with two children and three beautiful grandgirls. She enjoys marathon running, gardening, and hopes one day to run Pikes Peak!
 Christopher Gallagher, Ph.D., Member of the Board of Managers.Dr. Gallagher is a senior executive in financial and operational strategy development and execution, portfolio analysis, acquisitions, team and technology integration, and solutions-focused leadership in both entrepreneurial and global organizations.  Dr. Gallagher has been involved in water treatment for almost 20 years and has worked with electo-oxidation technology including the PathocellTM electrode technology.  While Vice President of Business Development at Rockwater Energy Solutions Dr. Gallagher worked with Mr. Themy to build and launch a produced water recycling system utilizing the PathocellTM electrode technology which is now the high brine treatment offering of Rockwater Energy Solutions fluids conditioning business.