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Neopure—transforming water renewal

Neopure Technologies delivers cost-effective, efficient, customized solutions for sterilization, drinking water purification, waste water treatment, odor resolving of waste water methane removal, phosphorus removal, and water renewal. All Neopure oxidizing agents are produced electro-chemically ONSITE, with non toxic chemicals, which means there is no need for transporting, storing, or handling any toxic chemicals. All oxidants are made fresh daily, including hydroxyl radicals, ozone from water, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite,and hypochlorus acid, just to name a few. All of our oxidants are made with our custom built industrial oxidizers that are the ROLLS ROYCE of water purification.

Whether you need to treat thousands of gallons per day at multiple sites, or if you’re simply looking for a green approach to support a small business, contact Neopure.

Universal leaders in electro oxidation renewing water supply.

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Neopure Technologies systems work as stand-alone solutions, or as a complement to existing processes in multiple verticals.

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Neopure uses high-voltage electrolysis with minimal environmental impact.

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