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The Importance Of Effective Non Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

Many industrial production processes require cooling water to operate effectively. Cooling tower water treatment may be needed at refineries, steel mills, manufacturing facilities, food plants, chemical processing plants, petrochemical plants, and more. Cooling tower water treatment systems help control both temperature and pressure. They do this by means of heat transfer, moving heat away from hot process fluids into cooling water, which then carries the heat away. The cooling water itself must then be either cooled or replaced.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment | Electro Oxidation | Industrial Water Purification SystemsBecause the operation of the cooling tower water filtration systems directly impacts reliability, efficiency, and cost, it is an important element of many industrial processes. With dealing with any cooling tower filtration systems, it is important to monitor things such as corrosion, mineral deposition, microbial growth, and overall system operation to ensure that optimal operating conditions are maintained at all times. It is also essential to ensure that the unit is cooling properly. After all, the production process can only be sustained if the cooling system is able to maintain the proper process temperature and pressure.

The thermal efficiency and longevity of a cooling tower depends largely on the proper management of the water that is recirculated through the tower. Although cooling tower structures vary greatly in size and design, they all accomplish cooling through the latent heat of vaporization. Effective cooling tower treatment is essential, as biological contaminants and certain inorganic substances can collect along heat transfer surfaces. This inhibits the effective transfer of heat and can eventually cause corrosion.

When it comes to industrial cooling, Neopure offers effective solutions to ensure that your cooling tower water treatment system always operates at optimal levels. Neopure, being one of the top cooling tower water treatment companies in the world, they offer solutions for industrial water purification systems for cooling towers that address corrosion, biofouling, and other contaminants. Neopure’s innovative solutions improve both overall water quality and cooling tower maintenance and efficiency. Neopure provides clients with a single-solution approach to cooling tower water treatment issues or a viable complement to existing cooling systems. Neopure’s patented technology offers flexibility and compatibility, allowing companies to meet their specific water tower cooling treatment needs while also effectively reduction operating costs.

Neopure technologies are particularly attractive to businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact, providing ethical and environmentally sound solutions for cooling water treatments. Neopure technologies does not use harsh cooling tower water treatment chemicals when cooling, nor do they produce harsh chemicals as a byproduct of treatments. A leader in Electro-Oxidation, Neopure’s technology is proven. Neopure’s proprietary process has transformed water renewal, and the company is recognized as a leader in electro-oxidation renewing water supply.

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