Enabling Companies to be Eco-Responsible Economically

Based in Houston, Texas, Neopure Corporation provides industrial applications of the Neopure™, HALOGEN CELL technologies.

Neopure is a leading service company providing economical end-to-end water supply solutions for clients in a wide array of industries including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, food and beverage as well as municipalities. Our revolutionary technology cost-efficiently renews 99.9% of water.

Commercially, our portable devices can be used to generate sanitization solutions on site. Neopure devices use of electrolysis to chlorinate regular salt water into a powerful sterilizing disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses - including COVID-19, AIDS and all flu strains.

Salt + Water + Electricity = Nascent Chlorine & Hydrogen Peroxide

Is Neopure Right for My Facility?

How can the disinfectant produced by a Neopure device be so much safer than over-the-counter bleach and still be as effective?
Stabilizers are added to off-the-shelf chemical cleaners to increase shelf life. These stabilizers also make it much more toxic and harmful to human ingestion and touch. Nascent chlorine and hydrogen peroxide produced by our devices are just as effective at killing germs, but last only 3 hours. Because you produce as much solution as you need, when you need it, the reduced shelf life doesn't really matter.

How long does it take to produce disinfecting solution with a Neopure device?
It takes about 30 minutes to produce 5 gallons of solution with a regular 110 outlet.
How do I know that enough chlorine has been created to sanitize my facility?
Our devices contain an Oxidation-Reduction Potential meter, or ORP. It measures the level of oxidizing material (like chlorine) in your solution. When your Neopure solution has the approved level of oxidants per million for killing COVID-19 and other pathogens (chlorine and hydrogen peroxide), it will let you know.
Do you need special equipment or trained employees to use the system?
No, the disinfecting solution can easily be created by following a few simple steps and be administered through standard spray mechanisms found in most facilities and stores everywhere. We recommend using backpack electrostatic misters, which we can sell with our equipment, because they quickly cover all areas of an object with minimal human contact and solution volume.
How much does a device cost?
Prices vary depending on the size of the facility and throughput capacity of a Neopure device. Models start at $5,000; however, we offer facility sterilization through our services team and certified partners.
Is the disinfectant produced by your devices strong enough for sterilizing eating utensils?
Neopure devices were pioneered in the industrial and medical space to sterilize medical devices and make the industrial wastewater potable. It can safely disinfect your dishes.
Are there any size restrictions for facilities?
We have a variety of models with various throughputs that can handle any building size.

Facilities We Serve

Fitness Centers, Gyms & Sports Venues

High foot traffic and hands-on equipment means your facility needs sanitizing at least twice a day. Neopure device solutions disinfect without leaving behind the harmful residue or unpleasant odor of commercial cleaning agents.

Restaurants, Bars & Retail Stores

Keep your space clean from pathogens without compromising your customer experience. Our chemicals are less harsh for furniture, equipment and people; the cost keeps your overhead down for sustained new levels of sanitization.

Power, Utilities & Industrial

We offer larger Neopure devices for bulk water treatment on sites where large amounts of water need to be treated to gray (or white) water levels. This includes, water cooling towers, landfills and other sources of industrial wastewater.

Government Facilities, Military Bases

Keep our government workers and armed forces healthy. Large facilities like these with high personnel throughput makes them particularly challenging to keep sanitized.

The New Normal

COVID-19 changed social interaction on a fundamental level. Facilities of all types are scrambling to find sustainable ways to ensure they safely keep their business locations running. Neopure offers a safe, practical solution to meet these new challenges.

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